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If you are new to exercising, choosing a way that works for you can be overwhelming. You will spend a considerable time and try different approaches before you find what works for you.

But, if you want a proven approach to tone your body fast, try rowing. Rowing is a type of strength training that works out different muscle groups at the same time. When you perform a rowing exercise, you engage the muscles in your arms, legs, and core.

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Following, we are going to explain the detailed benefits of rowing:

  • Improves Cardiac Health

Rowing improves your cardiac fitness. It improves the structure and efficiency of your heart within weeks. This helps prevent CHD in the future.

  • Burns Calories

Rowing is an ideal HIIT training. The short bursts of intense exercise followed by active rest along with some resistance exercises. It burns calories fast as it engages different groups of muscles.

  • Low Impact but High Intensity

Rowing doesn’t impact your joints hard just other forms of cardio. It doesn’t mean that these exercises are not compromised. With these exercises, you can burn as many calories without putting extreme pressure on your joints.

  • Works Out Your Whole Body

Rowing is not only an upper body workout. It works legs, arms and core to power every stroke. It engages around 84% of your muscle mass.

The only issue is, you need a well-designed and reliable rowing machine to exercise. You need the proper equipment to train your body. Don’t assume you achieve your dream body if you don’t invest in the proper tools.

We understand going into the Fitness Market and finding a machine that will work perfectly for you is a tough challenge. Don’t worry, we did the legwork for you and found the best rowing machines available in the market. These machines have different features and are available at different prices. Kindly go through each product and find the one that suits you the best.

 Product Overview

We researched the whole market and brought together the best rowing machines together. We picked these machines on their reliability, affordability, and convenience. Every machine lets you perform a different array of exercises. So, read about these machines and pick the one that works for you.

Concept2 Model D

Concept2 Model D is among the best-selling indoor rowing machines. It offers a smooth user experience and produces almost no noise. It is designed while keeping user convenience in mind. It has an adjustable footrest, ergonomic handles, advanced monitoring system, etc.

The monitor tracks heart rate, calories expended, distance, pace, and even electrical watts. It helps you motivate even while you are working out. The best part is, it’s lightweight and easy to store.


  • Advanced PM5 Performance Monitor for instant and accurate feedback
  • LogCard and USB cable to connect PM5 to the computer and access the LogCard Data
  • Aluminium Rail made with stainless steel track for easy seat movement

 How Is It Different from Others?

Concept2 Model D is a well-built product that is ideal for a full-body workout. It is a balanced machine which will last a long time. It’s designed for comfort and a full-body workout. It has all the amenities you need in an affordable package. [Read full Review here…..]

 Concept2 Model E

The Concept2 Model E is a well-built provide that is ideal for intensive training. It offers a smooth and powerful complete body workout. The design offers quiet rowing; the frame is built in such a way that it can be broken into separate pieces for easy storage.

It features a 14-inch seat and nickel-plated chain. The design focuses on force distribution between muscles.


  • PM5 Performance Monitor provides detailed and accurate feedback
  • Adjustable Resistance for Flywheel and Spiral Damper
  • Low Noise, Quick Release Frame Lock, and Flexfoot Footrests
  • Aluminium Rail Capped with Stainless Steel Track

 How is it Different from Others?

The only machines that compete with Concept2 Model E at its price and quality are WaterRower Rowing Machin and LifeCore R100. The Concept2 Model E takes the lead because it doesn’t overstrain your muscles or lead to an injury where the other machines might do that! [Read full Review here…..]

Bodymax Infiniti R100

This is a mid-budget option that offers a few built-in workout programs. It has several resistance levels and can save lots of storage space. Multiple users can use it. It’s robust and made with high-end materials.


  • 42 Different Workout Programs
  • 16 Different Resistance Levels
  • Full stroke experience for every user, despite their shape or size
  • Air/Magnetic Automatic Resistance Control
  • Durable Build that will last for years
  • Folds in half to save storage space

How is it Different from Others?

It’s a pro-level rowing machine for a mid-range price. It has an excellent in-built computer and useful apps. It offers pulse-controlled workouts with race mode. The features are good enough, but the only thing that makes it stand out is it’s a bit expensive than competitive modes. [Read full Review here…..]

 WaterRower A1

WaterRower is also a well-known brand. The reason why it got low ranking is cost a bit of money. The A1 model has everything a rowing machine should have, ideally. Its well-designed offers a sturdy built and several resistance levels. The S4 monitor helps you keep track of your progress as it counts the distance traveled with workout time.

It features an aluminium frame with pieces of the foot. The whole thing is painted in light brown, which gives it a vintage look. The flywheel contains water and is oriented like a Pancake. It keeps the workout intensive.


  • Patented Flywheel which replicates the physical dynamics of rowing. It gives you realistic and consistent rowing strokes
  • Handcrafted Solid Ash Frame with three coats of oil
  • Ergonomic seat and footrests modelled for comfort and stability
  • Ergonomic Seats and Footrests mould
  • Polycarbonate water tank adds strength

 How is it Different from Others?

Apart from the wooden finish, water in the flywheel, and vintage look, it has everything you would expect from a high-end rowing machine. [ Read Full Review Here….. ]

JLL R200 Rower

R200 rowing machine is a premium rowing machine that lets you train like you would in the gym. It sculpts your body with ten different resistance levels. It offers a smooth user experience thanks to magnetic resistance and an advanced belt driving system.

It comes with an affordable price tag. Still, it feels solid and sturdy. R200 can take head on the head any other rowing machine in the list. It’s an excellent option if you are short on money.


  • 10 Different Resistant Levels
  • Noiseless Operation thanks to Advance Belt System
  • Compact Design and Easy to Store
  • LCD Monitor with the total count, heart rate tracking, etc

 How are its Different Others?

This is a premium rowing machine. It is more of a luxury fitness equipment that has all the bells and whistles. It’s an all-rounder, except for the price. [Read full Review here…..]

 V-Fit Tornado

Designed for fitness clubs, V-fit Tornado comes with chain drive air resistance. This means the faster you row, the stronger resistance will be. In short, the resistance level is proportional to rowing speed. Your input matches your output.

The seat has a contoured design. You can work out for hours without an issue. The PV footplates ensure your foot are fit into one place. They are Velcro-styled and come with two-position mounts. This makes for a comfortable rowing experience.


  • Air Resistance gets proportional to the speed
  • High-grade construction
  • Digital display to accurately track your progress
  • Smooth rowing with aluminium rowing rail and seat guide

 How does it compare to Others?

It’s a bit noisy! Yes, the construction and materials are of high quality, but it does create some sound when you work out. It’s one of the cheaper options on our list, and it competes with others well, except for the noisy bit. [Read full Review here…..]

Viavito Sumi

Via Vito Sum utilises friction-free magnetic resistance with ten different resistance levels. It creates no noise even if you are working out hard. This compact and small rower can accommodate people up to 120kg in weight and 6 ft in height.

It Has large foot pedals with foot straps that assure your feet are kept in one place.  It helps you avoid injury and assures a smooth workout experience. The comfortable seat makes sure you have no issue despite how long you work out!


  • 10 Different Resistance Levels
  • Noiseless operation thanks to Magnetic Resistance
  • Aluminium Frame and Foldable Design
  • Transport Wheels for easy mobility
  • Ergonomic Design

How is it Different?

Viavito Sumi offers an excellent fitness routine. It features an extremely compact design. Therefore, you will have no storage issues. If you have a small home, then it makes an excellent choice for you. [Read full Review here…..]

 Reebok GR Power

Reebok GR Power Rover offers low-impact strength training. It helps you achieve your fitness goals without breaking a leg. This rower features 22 programmes and 16 different resistance levels. An onboard LCD controls these. Display functions include time and distance tracking. It also tracks your heart rate via a wireless pulse receiver.

It features an 8.7 kg flywheel. The ergonomic seat glides a 1.2m rail with an adjustable foot strap to ensure you remain securely in your place. It is designed to be easily folded so you can store it in any corner of your home.


  • Manual Fold Featuring Screw Locking knob
  • 123cm Rail with 8.25 inertia flywheel
  • 16 different resistance levels
  • Adjustable Footplate, Handlebar, and seat
  • Real-time tracking of heartbeat, distance, and exercise duration

How is it Different?

This is a compact yet pricey option. It has all the latest and greatest features, embedded in a small chassis. It’s designed for people who can afford spending $500 on a rowing machine. [Read full Review here…..]

Nordic Track RX800

The Nordic Track RX800 is a space-saving solution. It offers a full cardiovascular workout with smooth air resistance and adjustable seats. It features an advanced centre console that shows your workout states including strokes per minute, watts, total strokes, calories burnt, and time spent.

The rower keeps your training varied with its 20 in-built workout programs. It is a comfortable solution thanks to moulded seat with oversized steel seta rail and ergonomic soft-touch handle which relieves strain.


  • Adjustable Air Resistance System
  • Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel
  • Backlit Centre Console with Real-time tracking
  • Ergonomic Seat with Moulded and Oversized Steel Seat Rail
  • 20 different in-built programs

How is it Different?

NordicTrack has a record of designing excellent products; The RX800 is no exception; it’s a mid-range rower that competes with premium rowing machines. [Read full Review here…..]


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