My name is Shahin K., and I am a fitness freak!

I pursued my fitness goals from a young age, and I have tried different approaches including squats, running, etc. It until I tried rowing, I found out what I did wrong, I didn’t pay enough attention to my core.

A Little Bit of History

So, I invested time and effort in several extensive core training. After trying several of those options, I realized that nothing is as effective as rowing. The thing is, rowing helps you train several muscles at once including your arms, legs and of course, the core!

How did I Change?

Once I realized that rowing is the best core training, I started to train hard with it. It was then I had the pleasure of working out with different rowing machines. I tried exercising with different machines; I even bought one for my home back then.

I used to train with a group, so I tested out their rowers and gave them the advice to improve. It was this experience (or period) that helped me accumulate my knowledge about the best rowing machine, and I tend to share them with you so you can help achieve your fitness goals without making the mistakes I did.

What Do I Offer You?

Thanks to my beforehand knowledge of these machines, I created a blog where I invite other experts to share their knowledge and help you learn all you need to know about these machines. Our content will help you buy the right indoor or outdoor rower for your money.

Me and my team test every machine to a high degree to assure everything checks out. Don’t worry; we don’t use jargons; everything we share is written in plain English. So, you won’t have any issue there.

Apart from these machines, I also share general tips and practices that will help you improve your daily routine and lead a healthier life. If you want the best bang for your buck, buy your rower through provided links. These rowers will last long and help you sculpt your body.

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Yours Sincerely,

Shahin K.