How To Pick A Rowing Workout?

 Note The Following When Picking A Rowing Workout?

15 minutes Workout with Rowing MachineOnce you have set up your home rower you may need a good workout and it can be hard to find a workout that will suit you because people are all at different fitness levels. This article will help you and give you some things to consider in order to find the perfect workout and you will also be able to view our suggested workout for beginners as well.

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One of the easiest ways to pick a rowing workout that will suit you is by thinking about your goals. If you are just looking to get fit and lose some weight then it is probably best to start off slow and steady. Some training guides will provide you with stamina training and that will mean keeping up the level of repetitions for a long time and this will not suit you if you are just starting out.Rowing machine Workout chart plan for Muscles, Weight Loss and Cardio

Start off slow and as you start to get fitter you can increase the workout.

The best way to increase your rowing workout is by increasing either:

Duration of workout – It goes without saying that the fitter you get the longer you will be able to keep rowing so by carrying out the exercise longer you will get fitter.

Average Speed – Another great way is to increase the speed you are performing the workout. Of course you need to wait until you are ready but once you get a good speed up you could even get double the reps completed in half of the time.

Increase Resistance – The great thing about modern home rowers is that they provide resistance so if you notice a level becoming too easy you can simply up the resistance and then if you try and keep the speed up as well it will become a lot tougher quickly.

Most of all you need to have fun with it, change your exercise routine often to prevent boredom and keep on going!

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