Sportstech Rowing Machine Premium WRX700

Sportstech WRX700 Water Resistance Rowing Machine Premium with Patented Folding Function, 3in1 Home Rower

Sportstech Rowing Machine (Model WRX700) is one of the most popular water rowing devices that you can find on the market today. This is a stylish design rowing machine that comes with a smart living accessory. It is made of durable ash wood that can last for a long time. This rowing machine combines a realistic rowing feeling with the best quality of real wood. It will offer an incredible rowing experience for all users.

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You can create the training water resistance easily by using this incredible device. The amount of water inside the water tank will create resistance for you. If you put more water in the water tank, you are going to create a high level of resistance in this water rowing machine. You can enjoy a great experience of the real rowing motion with a rowing stroke in the rowboat. When you purchase this Sportstech WRX700, you will get the starter kit which will include the electric water pump, heart rate belt, and also chlorine tablets.

Key Features

Comfortable seat

This is the first feature that you can notice from this device. This water rowing machine has an anatomical shape of its ergonomic seat. This seat also has an anti-slip design, so you can sit on top of this machine with a comfortable experience. You can do your favorite rowing exercises without getting any worries. This comfortable seat is specially designed to help you relieve stress and also strain on your back and coccyx. If you are looking for a good rowing machine that can offer a comfortable experience for you, you can take a look at this Sportstech Rowing Machine.

Stylish design

Sportstech Rowing Machine - Pure Water Rowing ExperienceThe WRX700 is recommended for you who are looking for a stylish rowing machine for your needs. It has an easy and compact design, so you can place this rowing machine in your compact home. This device can be installed on its smooth-running transport wheels for easy movement. You can move around this machine from one room to another room at any time you want. Another interesting feature of this unit is the innovative folding mechanism. It will stand upright and you can enjoy the experience of using this unit. Its compact design is very interesting for most users.

Superb app

When you are using this rowing machine, you can get the best workout experience ever. The creator of this water rowing machine offers an incredible app for everyone. This app can guide you on how you can do the right rowing motion for getting the best experience with this rowing machine. You can use this app for monitoring all details from your workout, for example, your total strokes, total strokes per minute, burned calories, etc. This app can store all of your workout details on the server, so you can monitor your progress in the long run.

A perfect fitness Equipment for everyone

Sportstech Rowing Machine - Take advantage of your fitness appThis is a reliable fitness equipment that you need to have in your home. When using this device, you can train your muscles effectively. It is suitable for supporting your endurance, cardio, and strength training. This device offers flexibility for all users because you can choose the right exercise mode depending on your needs or your preferences. It offers a good experience for you who are looking for a demanding and also varied body workout or exercise in your home. The Sportstech Rower will offer a real rowing experience with a soothing water sound.

Smooth and quiet performance

Many people are interested in using this water rowing machine because of this benefit. It is specially designed with its ball-bearing low-noise aluminum railing system. This system allows you to operate this machine without causing a lot of noise to the environment. Because of this reason, this rowing machine is suitable for home use without having to disturb other people around you.

When using this device, you will enjoy its soothing water sound that is produced by the water inside the water tank. The water tank is also protected by its 100% leakage protection with a silicone sealing ring. It will ensure that the water tank can function well without causing leakage problems.

Simple installation and storage system

Sportstech Rowing Machine - Activates 85% of the musclesYou don’t need to spend a lot of your time and effort learning how you can install this device. This Sportstech Rowing Machine has an easy installation requirement. It can be installed in 2 steps. You can simply follow the instructions from the manual when you want to install this unit in your home.

This home rowing machine is specially designed to be foldable with its self-developed safety lock. It is easy for you to store this device at any time you want. It has smooth-running wheels and also a practical handle on top of this machine. Both features will help you get maximum benefits from this unit.

Easy to Read LCD Monitor

This is another feature that you can find from this unit. This LCD monitor can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and Wireless connection. This monitor will display all the necessary parameter details for your workout or your exercise, for example, heart rate, total distance, time, speed, etc. When you connect this monitor with your mobile device, you can also watch any of your favorite videos from this monitor.

3-in-1 System

Sportstech Rowing Machine - No space? No problem. Compact stowage.You are allowed to enjoy the best rowing experience when using this rowing machine. It allows you to create your own training resistance by using its two rotors in the 2-chamber system. When using this unit, you can enjoy a real rowing experience similar to the rowing experience in a rowboat. When using this rowing machine, you are allowed to choose the right water level depending on your strength and your preferences. The natural resistance from the water will help you build your muscles in your body effectively.

Is It Worth the Money

It is totally worth the money that you invest in this Equipment. This fitness machine is recommended for you who want to do regular exercises from your home. This machine is suitable for all users who want to use water resistance compared to magnetic resistance. Many experts believe that the water-resistance system will be much better than the regular magnetic resistance on the regular rowing machines. You can buy this device and eliminate any membership fees that you need to pay for entering any gym or fitness center. It will help you save a lot of your money when you invest your money in this device.

Who Would Buy This Product

If you are looking for something that has high-quality materials, this WRX700 can be the perfect fitness equipment for you. It is very well-known for its high-quality woodwork which cannot be found in the other water rowing machines that are available on the market today. This rowing machine is also suitable for all users who want to share the unit with their family members. This rowing machine has adjustable footplates that can accommodate different foot sizes. Taller rowers will get a lot of benefits when using this rowing machine because this device has an ultra-long rail system.Sportstech Rowing Machine - Advantages over the competition


• Superior quality with German engineering system
• 8+1 programs for offering versatile training sessions for all users
• Fully foldable for offering a good storage system for all users
• Adjustable water-resistance system with the 2-chamber system
• Comes with the starter kit (including the electric water pump, chlorine tablets, and also heart rate belt)
• Compatible with any smartphones or tablets
• Adjustable foot pedals with non-slip feature
• Solid and smooth workout experience


• Kinomap app is not free. You have to pay about $10 per month for getting access to all features from this app.
• Some people have problems in getting access to the monitoring system from this unit, so they cannot monitor their progress with this machine.

Customer Experience

Sportstech WRX700 is proven to be very effective in helping you build your muscles and do your regular workout every day. Most customers are happy with the performance of this unit. This rowing machine has about 4.5 out of 5 stars rating score. You can read some good reviews about this machine on the internet today. These good reviews can show the overall performance and quality of this premium water rowing machine from SportsTech. This rowing machine can be placed in any room inside your home without disturbing other people.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of benefits that you can get by using this WRX700 Sportstech Rowing Machine unit in your home. If you love doing some rowing exercises, this device can be a good choice for you. Its foldable design allows you to store this unit in your compact storage area without having any problems. You can also enjoy your experience when sitting on top of this machine because it is equipped with its comfortable seat on top of this rowing machine. Its adjustable water-resistance system allows you to find out the right intensity of your exercise. Get yours today for getting the best benefits from using this unit.