Bluefin Fitness Blade 2.0 Rowing Machine

Bluefin Fitness Home Gym Foldable Rowing Machine Blade 2.0 (Magnetic Resistance) with LCD Console and Smartphone App

Bluefin Fitness Blade is a compact rowing machine that is suitable for your total body workout. It will be a perfect tool that you can place in your home. It can help you build your muscles and improve your overall health significantly. This rowing machine will provide a realistic rowing experience for all users. You can start doing your regular exercises from your home today. All parts are fully loaded with some advanced features, so you will never get any issues when using this rowing machine.

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When using this rowing machine, you can simulate the natural rowing machine easily. There are some interesting features that are offered by this rowing machine. Its magnetic resistance mechanism will help you enjoy your experience on top of this rowing machine. The overall dimension of this rowing machine is about 166 x 74.5 x 51 cm. Blade 2.0 Rowing Machine is very well-known for its durable aluminum material. This material is proven to be very effective to make this rowing machine become durable for long-time use.

Key Features

Built-in LCD Digital Fitness Console

This is the most important feature that you can find from this Blade 2 Rowing Machine. This rowing machine has a built-in LCD digital fitness console. This console will help you monitor your progress easily. It will measure some details from your workout, for example, distance, time, burned calories, strokes per minute, etc. You can push yourself for achieving your workout goals easily by monitoring your progress. This digital fitness console will tell you everything about your fitness progress.

Advanced Performance Rowing MachineBluefin Fitness Blade Rower - Magnetic Resistance + Braking system

You will never regret your choice when using this rowing machine. This Blade 2.0 Rowing Machine can be an ideal choice for your total body fitness exercise in your home. You can improve your cardiovascular health and build your muscles at the same time. This machine can deliver natural rowing motion benefits for all users. It comes with an advanced performance rowing machine system. This system is supported by its smooth belt drive system and also magnetic resistance tension control.

Wireless Magnetic Technology

This is the main feature that is available in this rowing machine. The Bluefin Fitness Blade 2.0 rowing machine has an intuitive magnetic resistance tension control. This system will offer up to 8 x of resistance levels for all users. You can determine the right tension levels depending on your strength and endurance. It is easy for you to start doing exercises that suit you and your overall strength. You can improve your ability and resistance levels over time based on your progress. Its magnetic technology will offer a smooth natural braking motion. It can be used to deliver a perfect recovery technique for all users.Bluefin Fitness Blade - Smart phone fitness app and LCD Display

Optimum 10’ Incline and Smooth Belt Drive

This rowing machine is specially designed to help you feel convenient when using this rower. It has an optimized 10’ incline system. It will be combined perfectly with its resistance for offering a smooth workout and recovery phase in your workout. The Bluefin Fitness Blade also comes with a smooth Belt Drive. It will offer a quiet workout with a natural rowing motion. You will never cause a lot of noises that will come out from this rowing machine. If you are looking for a smooth and quiet rowing machine for your home, it will be a good choice for you.

Integrated Smartphone App

You can enhance your overall workout experience when using this rowing machine. It is very easy for you to connect your phone with its integrated smartphone app. This app features a lot of training videos from all around the world. You can also watch some live coaching sessions and training classes from professional instructors. You can join its Kinopmap community that is offered by BlueFin. You can meet other people who have similar interests as yours. You can achieve your goals easily by looking at this integrated app.

Lift and Tilt Design – Portable Design for EveryoneBluefin Fitness Blade Rowing Machine - Total Workout (Muscle Building)

This is another interesting feature that is available on Bluefin Fitness Blade 2.0. This rowing machine can be lifted and folded easily. This design will offer a compact design, so you can store this machine in your compact space easily. Simply tilt and lift the machine when you are not using this rowing machine anymore. The track will rotate upwards on its heavy-duty base. When you look at the bottom part of this machine, you can find its cushioned pads. These cushioned pads are going to protect the floor. This portable design will be very convenient for people who have a compact property.

Ergonomic Handlebars and Secure Anti-Slip Foot Pedals

If you are looking for a comfortable rowing machine, this Blade 2 Rowing Machine will be a perfect choice for you. It comes with ergonomic handlebars. These handlebars are padded with foam for offering a sturdy non-slip grip. Its extra-wide bar will suit all users’ needs. This rowing machine also has anti-slip foot pedals. These foot pedals are strong and secure enough for supporting your movement. These pedals also have adjustable velcro fastening and also anti-slip dynamic grip pedal. You can do your regular workouts safely when using this rowing machine.Bluefin Fitness Blade 2.0 Rowing Machine - Easy to stow away

Smartphone and Tablet Stand

You will never get bored when using this rowing machine. This machine comes with a sturdy smartphone and tablet stand. This stand can be used to hold your smartphone or tablet securely. You can either monitor your progress on the Kinomap App or watch any movies from your mobile devices. This stand is specially made with a strong design, so you can use this stand for a long time with minimum maintenance procedures. This stand is compatible with any types of mobile devices that you have with many different sizes and thickness levels.

Is it worth the money?

Before you decide to purchase this Blade 2.0 Rowing Machine, you may want to take a look at all the features that are offered by this unit. By looking at these features, you will understand if it is worth the money, especially if you want to invest your money in the best workout accessories for your personal needs. You can get this incredible rowing machine for less than $200. This is a good investment that you can make for improving your overall health and building your muscles from your home. You will never have to leave your home for joining any other gym memberships anymore.

Who would buy this product?

This rowing machine is suitable for everyone who doesn’t want to leave their home for doing their regular exercises. If you want to start your exercises from your home, you can consider buying this rowing machine today. This machine has all the necessary features, so it can be used to help you do your regular exercises every day. This rowing machine is also suitable for you who have a small area in your home. You don’t need to have a lot of storage space for storing this machine. It has a compact and portable design, so you can simply fold and lift this machine after you are done using this machine.

ProsBluefin Fitness Blade 2.0 - Measurements & LCD Display

• Smooth belt drive which will deliver a smooth and quiet movement
• Ergonomic handlebars and comfortable foot pedals
• Padded cushioned seat for improving your comfort when using this unit
• 10% optimum incline
• Backlit LCD digital console for displaying all of your exercise details
• Innovative folding design with 74.5 x 166 x 51 cm
• Wireless magnetic technology will improve your comfort when using this rowing machine


• Some people have problems with the pedals. When these pedals are not used properly, they may break apart. You can read the whole instructions on the manual book for learning how to use these foot pedals safely.

Customer Experience

Most customers are happy when using this incredible rowing machine in their homes. It gets about 3.6 stars out of 5 ratings from the customers. Most customers leave a 4 or 5 stars rating for this incredible rowing machine. Most people are happy with its portable design and strong performance. If you are looking for a good foldable rowing machine, this Bluefin Fitness Blade 2.0 Magnetic Rowing Machine can be a perfect choice for you. It is safe for you to consider using this device in your home, especially when you want to do regular workouts or exercises from your home every day.

Final Thoughts

It is very convenient for you to use this rowing machine from your home. This device has all the necessary features that will be good for supporting your daily workouts or activities. You can monitor your workout details easily when using this reliable Bluefin Fitness Blade rowing machine. This rowing machine is specially created to help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and efficiently. After you purchase this unit, don’t forget to install the Kinomap app from Bluefin. This app will help you improve your performance with this rowing machine every day.