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JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine - Man workout
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JTX Freedom Air Rower Foldable Superior Rowing Machine

If you fancy an effective workout from the comfort of your own Home, the JTX Freedom Air Rower exceeds even the highest of expectations that one could have. As a single mum, there are never enough hours in the day to get it all done. Taking care of, running errands for, and cleaning up after the sprogs is a full-time job. I rarely, if ever, have the time for a jaunt to the gym, and I am not interested in having a large, bulky stationary bike taking up space that I don’t have. I would rather learn, and go, at my own pace, which is exactly what the JTX Freedom delivers, along with 8 pre-programmed workouts and 16 levels of dual resistance. Having never done it before, this specific machine is perfect for a rowing rookie. Whilst I realize £500 is quite a bit to spend, the JTX is worth every cent.

 Product Features

With its powerful, gym-quality performance, it provides a full-body, low impact workout. Strong and sturdy, this top-of-line machine combines electromagnetic and air resistance. Well built, it is made from solid reinforced aluminum, and capable of holding up to 130 kg (20 stone). Unless you are a professional rower or bodybuilder, this will take care of any and all of your exercise requirements. Included with the purchase of your new JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine, is a wireless heart monitor that straps to your chest, that links up with two heart rate presets. The chest strap automatically adjusts the resistance level to keep you in your heart range. Heart rate training aids in the burning of more calories by helping you stay in your target heart range. The handy built-in computer, along with being preloaded with 8 intense pre-programmed workouts(including interval, hill and target heart rate options) will track your stats:
• 500m Split TimeFolded view of JTX Freedom Air Rower
• Power
• Speed
• Distance
• Strokes
• Torque/ Power
• Estimate of calorie intake
• Heart rate – with two presets linked to your wireless chest strap which automatically regulates to your specific heart rate needs.

The screen is adjustable so you can always watch your progress. LCD nicely lit is easy to understand and operate. It is unbelievably simple to put together. Your new rower will arrive in two boxes for a more convenient set-up. The boxes are fairly heavy, so this may be the only part of the assembly process you’ll need help with. The instructions included are straightforward and concise. It took me just under two hours, and I can barely use a wrench! To make storage effortless, the JTX Rowing Machine completely folds in half! I cannot help being excited. This cheeky machine is just too wonderful. When you live in a box of flats, there isn’t much room to spare so it is incredibly helpful to be able to quickly fold it up and roll it out of the way when finished. Last, but certainly not least, and not that you will ever need it, but the JTX Freedom Air Rower also comes with a 2 year, in-home warranty!

 Durability and Stamina

Weighing about 37 kg when fully assembled, the reinforced aluminum frame comes with JTXs specialized motion-rail system. It can hold up to 130 kg (20 stone). The unique pairing of both air and magnetic resistance adds more challenges to your rowing. A six-point adjustable footrest keeps you stable during even your most vigorous exercise session.

Innovative computer system

This ingenious computer system, in addition to the 16 separate levels of resistance, 8 preset workouts, also offers 2 heart rate options. The wireless chest strap will automatically adjust to make certain you stay in your heart range with two heart rate programs to choose from.

Note: If the chest strap is not picking up reading, try dampening the contact sensors before use for an accurate reading.

JTX Freedom Air Rower Full view showing measurements

Beautifully simplistic

There is no flywheel, but that does not impede the rowers’ ability. Easy to use, easy to store, easy to get fit and healthy. When you are done with your daily row, fold it in half and roll it into storage! If anything happens to your JTX within the first 2 years, your full coverage warranty will take care of it! What’s not to like?


• Great cardiovascular exercise, and get this, a chest strap heart monitor is included!
• A complete, full-body workout. Track every step of your progress.
• Ergonomically designed handlebars for natural placement of hands and arms.
• Easy assembly and storage.
• Combined resistance- air and electromagnetic-along with 16 levels of resistance ensures it is up to whatever level of difficulty you may need.
• Ergonomic design promotes good posture.
• 2 years in-home warranty- They send someone to you, all parts and labour included.
• Free delivery within the mainland UK.


• A bit pricey by comparison, but ultimately pays for itself, especially if you are not wasting pounds on costly gym memberships!
• It does not have all the bells and whistles that some high-end equipment comes with, although it truly covers all your basic needs. All for almost half the price.
• Quite heavy, will need help when delivered. It arrived in two boxes so that made it somewhat more manageable.
• You may have to dampen the contact sensors to get an accurate reading from the chest strap heart monitor.

If you’re specifically looking for a combination of air & magnetic resistance rowing machine and want to check out other options, then please read our reviews on Viavito sumi rower and Infiniti R100 by Bodymax.

Man working out with JTX Freedom Air Rowing machineSpecifications

Unfolded: 225(L) x 58(W) x 160(H)cm
Folded: 112(L) x 58(W) x 160(H)cm
Weight: 37 kg
Wheel it right into a closet until you need it again!

 Can it stand up against the competition?

After researching many different rowing machines, I would have to say that the JTX Freedom air rower can definitely hold its own. You get a high-caliber, professional-level piece of equipment, for a mid-range, reasonable price. I noticed that there aren’t many other companies willing to offer free amenities or a full coverage warranty as the JTX has generously provided. Some of the most expensive ones are rated absolute rubbish. While they may cost more does not equate to superior performance.


Overall, the JTX Freedom Air is an absolutely great value for your money. It is worth a few extra pounds, even if just for that 2-year warranty! The customer service is outstanding, they come across as though they care. I honestly could not live without mine now. Even if this is the only equipment you have in your home gym, it is such a well-rounded piece that it offers a full-body workout. Cardio, toning, you name it. If you happen to be clumsy, like me, the ease and simplicity of using this will make you feel like an Olympic rower! There is a reason it is one of the top-rated home rowing machines. Taking into consideration, the 2-year warranty and the FREE delivery around (mainland) UK, you really can’t lose anything but the weight if you buy the JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine.

Not going to take your word for it….

That is the beauty of it, you don’t have to take my word for it. With an almost 5 star rating, its reputation speaks for itself. This JTX Freedom has some lovely reviews!

“ Great upgrade to the previous rower” — Neil

“Words can’t express. Solid, robust and works great. Husband is 18st and 6ft 3″ no issues at all.” — RobF

“Product is great in the home gym. Instructions for putting together very detailed and not too difficult. Good resistance.” — DLS

So, start getting healthier, more fit, and have a jolly good time doing it! Now, if it would just come with a nanny…


JTX Freedom

JTX freedom uses a combination of air and magnetic resistance. It comes with top-of-the-line features like wireless heart rate monitoring and pre-programmed workouts. The Freedom rower has 16 different resistance levels that keep workouts varied and challenging. This rower also features a comprehensive console that tracks your progress in real-time.


  • 16 different resistance levels
  • Eight built-in workout programs
  • Performance monitor for real-time tracking

 How is it Different from Others?

It’s a premium rower that can fit into your home. Yes, despite having the build quality and user experience of the gym, it can fit into your home. The only issue is, it costs you a bit. [Read full Review here…..]