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Concept 2 Model E Rower – Unveiling the magnificence of this exercise machine

Are you struggling with weight issues, and feel the need to buy a Concept 2 rower model E ? If yes, then I can truly relate to your agony because I had fitness issues until I got hold of my Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine. Well, before buying any machine, you need to have a clear picture of how it can benefit you. When we look at an indoor rower, then it simulates the watercraft action for the purpose of training and exercise.

It will not be wrong to state that indoor rowing offers the facility to indulge in resistance training and cardiovascular workout. The good news is that I used this machine, so I am in a position to give you a personalized review of its offerings and benefits. Now the reason that you landed on this page is probably you’re looking for a good indoor rower. Here I will give you a review of one of the very popular models from one of the top manufacturers when it comes to Rowing machines.

 Product Features

Remarkable air resistance: What you will love about this Rower is the air resistance feature. I made use of the spiral damper for adjusting the resistance.

Perfect ergonomic handles: Most people get perplexed by the concept of rowing. I was apprehensive about the same. However, Concept 2 Model E comes with ergonomic handles, and they have 10-degree bend so natural rowing is not going to be a problem.

Easy assembling: For me, installing machines is more of a nightmare. When I bought this rower, I was worried about the same. The pleasant surprise was that the machine was easy to assemble.  What you need to do is install the rear and the front legs. Next, you will need to install the pickup cable. Plus, you will need to install the monitor also. However, I had to make use of 10 screws only to install the monitor.

It took me about 30 minutes to finish up with the installation, and I believe that it will not take you long either.

Adjust to size footrests: Concept 2 Model E Rower comes with adjustable footrests. I adjusted them as per size, and comfort.

Foldable design: I am the sort of person who does not prefer a cluttered environment. When I bought the Rower, I was concerned that it will occupy a lot of space, but I was in for pleasant news. Concept 2 model E rowing machine has a compact folding design.

The machine has a frame-lock mechanism that helps to separate the rower into two different parts for easy storage.

Seat designed to perfection: The Rower comes with 20” seat that offers easy access.

High frame and remarkable design: The machine has a high frame and one-leg design.

Quality material used in machine construction: Whenever I buy a fitness machine, I make sure that I get information about the material used in the machine. When I did my bit of research about this rower, then I came to know that welded steel gets used in making the legs of this machine.

I was impressed by the smooth rowing motion, and I came to know that the aluminum monorail contributes to the rowing.

Accessories available: I strongly believe that when you invest in an exercise machine, then you should get the necessary accessories and booklets. With this Concept2 Rowing Machine you will get all the necessary accessories. You will get a USB Flash Drive with this machine. Plus, you also get a quick guide starting the monitor.

Useful monitor: I liked using the monitor too because it gave me all the information I needed. The monitor has a functional LCD screen. It gives you insight into your strokes per minute. It also gives information about the session time and calories.

What I appreciate about the monitor is that it is easy to use. If you are a novice like me in using technical gadgets, then it will not take you much time to learn how to use this monitor. When you start with the rowing action, then you will notice that the screen gets illuminated.

The monitor also has games and pre-set workouts that add to anyone’s pleasure. It is the human psyche that when you get an idea about your progress, then it keeps you motivated. Whenever I used to look at the monitor stats, I got contented with the results.


• The Rower is reliable and durable.

• Concept 2 Rower is an affordable option.

• It is available in an attractive grey colour.


• The machine is a bit noisy.

The earlier version of this model is Concept2 Mode-D which is still very popular up to this day. The price is 20% cheaper. The look and basic functionalities are nearly the same, except Model-E is an upgrade version with few extra features:
– Machine weight & Seat height of Model-D is slightly lower.
– Chain: D is Steel whereas E is Nickel-plated steel
– Chain Housing: E is Fully enclosed but D is Partially enclosed;
– Monitor arm: Model-D is Flexible But E is Fixed. Both D & E viewing angle can be adjusted.
– Machine Legs: E is Welded steel But D Front legs: Aluminum, Rear legs: Steel
– Exterior Finish: E is Double powder coat plus clear topcoat (glossy like) But Model-D is Powder coat (Non-glossy Matte finish)


Concept 2 rower model E is a suitable exercise machine for all those who wish to lose weight. You will need to invest once on this machine, and it will require little maintenance. If you want to maintain a record of your data, then you can make use of the USB socket to download the data to your PC.
Add up to your convenience and invest in this machine right away.

Concept2 Model E

The Concept2 Model E is a well-built provide that is ideal for intensive training. It offers a smooth and powerful complete body workout. The design offers quiet rowing; the frame is built in such a way that it can be broken into separate pieces for easy storage.

It features a 14-inch seat and nickel-plated chain. The design focuses on force distribution between muscles.

PM5 Performance Monitor provides detailed and accurate feedback
Adjustable Resistance for Flywheel and Spiral Damper
Low Noise, Quick Release Frame Lock, and Flexfoot Footrests
Aluminium Rail Capped with Stainless Steel Track

How is it Different from Others?
The only machines that compete with Concept2 Model E at its price and quality are WaterRower Rowing Machin and LifeCore R100. The Concept2 Model E takes the lead because it doesn’t overstrain your muscles or lead to an injury where the other machines might do that! [Read full Review here…..]