Kettler AXOS Rowing Machine – Is it Worth the Cost?

Kettler AXOS Rowing Machine full and folded view
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Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower AXOS

Is Kettler AXOS Rowing Machine worth six hundred pounds?
An excellent question, but I am afraid I need to go into details before I can answer that!
There is a large group of people who like to exercise at home. Yes, a membership to fitness club pays off, but still, it doesn’t beat the convenience of their own home for some people. Rowing is one of the most popular exercises people do at home, including me.
With that in mind, several companies have introduced their range of rowing exercising machines. Following, I am going to review my experience with such a machine and tell you whether if it’s worth the price or not. So, read till the end!
Kettler AXOS Rower is an affordable solution that offers a full-body workout. Yes, at first look, even I thought It was a bit expensive, but then I compared this product with other options available in the market. I have to say; the price gap makes Kettler an interesting choice. It has every feature you would expect from a top-end fitness machine.
It’s made from aluminium. It has easy storage features and helps you perform several types of exercise.Full view of Kettler axos rowing machine

 Following, I will give you an overview of its features:

• 8 Resistance LevelsKettler axos rower display monitor
• LCD Display
• Foldable Design for Easy Storage
• Pivoting Foot Plates


• Silent Working
• Good Resistance Levels
• Affordable for almost everyone
• Folds in Half
• Well Built and Designed Product


• The LCD console is way too simple
• The LCD is not backlit
• The Machine can be a bit heavy for some users

Magnetic resistance rowing machines are quieter than hydraulic, air/flywheel or water rowers. Besides Kettler AXOS which is in our opinion is one of the best among Magnetic rowers, there is another one we can suggest which we consider a budget option is the R200 rower by JLL. Currently, it’s ranking at the top in the Amazon bestseller list.

It’s important to mention that we review rowing machines that are worth listing on our site. Kettler rower AXOS would be a great pick for you if you’re particularly looking for a reliable quiet magnetic resistance rower. In case you are looking further, then we can recommend the below 4 other rowing machines which in our honest opinion are the best on Amazon at this time. They are:

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower
Concept 2 E Rower
JTX Freedom air rowing machine
V Fit Tornado rowing machine

 Detailed Specs

Following, we are going to discuss the specs of this product in details:
Easy Set-Up
This Kettler axos premium magnetic rower is very easy to set up. Everything you need to know about this machine and how to set up this machine is provided in the instruction manual. You won’t have any issue setting this machine up.
Flowing Rowing
The rowing movement is fluid. I was glad to find out the seating is free-running operation. It made sure I have no issue or discomfort while using this machine to tone my body. It’s designed while keeping user convenience in mind.
Easy Storage
I was afraid that this machine would take up too much space when in use. Well, this is true to an extent; this machine does take a lot of space when used. I discussed this with the guy in the shop, and he showed me how to fold this machine for easy storage.
I was surprised to see the machine is quick assembly. It doesn’t need you to 10 minutes to fold it. Therefore, you won’t have any issue storing this machine.
Linked Pulse Monitor
The resistance setting and pulse monitory are helpful, or at least I found them to be. These things give you live stats of your body including your temperature and heart-beat. The tech embedded in this monitor is very sophisticated, and I found it very useful.
Well-Built Design
I am not going to say this thing is built like a tank. Still, Kettler axos rowing machine is a well built and designed product. At first, I didn’t know how to take benefit of the eight featured resistance setting, but I learned how to set it according to my convivence after some time. The foot restraints can help us some improvements honestly because they were a bit small for my feet. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase.


Honestly, I was a bit hesitant about spending six hundred pounds on an exercising machine. I had the good fortune of trying this machine out at a friend’s fitness club. I didn’t find any issue with the flow. It helped with target training, and I liked the rowing seat, it was comfortable and fluid.
So yes, I decided to buy my own Rower. It’s been a few months since I bought the Kettler axos rower and I see noticeable results. Apart from the tech and bells, it helped me tone my body in a short time. Therefore, I will recommend it to people who have the resources to buy this product if they want to tone their bodies at home.


Kettler AXOS

An all-rounder for cardio-vascular exercise, it works quietly and puts minimum stress on your joints. The magnetic brake uses a rope pull system. This rowing machine has over eight different levels and offers automatic adjustment for each resistant level. You can create your striking profile for resistant levels. The heart rate controlling device regulates resistant levels to maintain pulse rate evaluation.


  • Sleek and Attractive Design
  • Multiple Resistance levels with variable motor control
  • Designed for home space, it can easily fit into any corner
  • Smooth and noiseless flywheel
  • Elliptical trainer optimised for bio-mechanics to unit smooth, natural motion impact

How is it Different from Others?

It is a mid-range rowing machine that is easy to store and quiet. It excels at basic including great design, reliability and good workout experience. Kettler AXOS is an excellent machine even without the shine and glitter. [Read full Review here…..]