Bodymax Infiniti R100 – Rowing Machine Review

Bodymax Infiniti R100 Rower - Full, Folded and PM display images combined
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Infiniti R100 Rowing Machine by Bodymax – Offering unmatchable excellence to fitness freaks

Are you obsessed with the idea of buying Infiniti R100 rowing machine? The truth is that when you invest in a fitness machine, then you wish to know the opinion of someone who used it in the past. I have some pleasant news, and I have been using this machine for a year, and satisfied with the results I got so far.

What I feel is that the rower is a perfect combo of air and magnetic resistance. Well, this offers loads of rowing benefits. You can get access to basic rower resistance. Plus, you can maintain smooth pull at different intensity levels.

What you need to keep in mind is that the magnetic resistance of this rower can work for the low intensities. The air resistance works at high-intensity levels. The BodyMax Infiniti R100 Rowing Machine has an immaculate black colour that is a show-stopper for sure. I will review this rower in detail so that you can get more information about this machine. Also, do not forget to checkout our pick for the best rowing machines 2019.


Exceptional controls to keep track of the resistance

Now, you might be wondering how you can control the resistance offered by this rower. The machine offers the on-board console that helps to control the resistance level. You will also notice the fact that the handle of the rower has an integrated remote control allowing you to change the resistance settings.

The settings feature is very useful, and I always adjusted it as per my comfort level.Bodymax Infiniti R100 Performance Monitor Display unit

 Offers a range of different workouts

There is no denying the fact that it can be a difficult task to perform the same workouts every single day. The good news is that you have a way out. Bodymax Infiniti R100 Rower offers about 42 different workout programs so that you can change your workout routine as per your will.

You will get an exclusive race program also when you opt for this rower. I used to compete with my average time using the racer program. You should do the same so that you can reach the peak of your motivation level.

Stunning design

Infiniti R100 Rower deserves to applaud for the fact that it is designed keeping the requirements of the customers into consideration. Another thing worth mentioning is that the rower has a high frame, and has a high seat. Well, this is why it is easier for the user to get off the seat.  I focus on every little detail. I noticed that the rower seat is upholstered, so it offers comfort to the user also.

The exclusive data storage facility

The rower has an exclusive data storage facility also, and it can easily store the data for about five users. All my family members use this machine, and we store the data for every member separately, so the feature offers us value.Bodymax Infiniti R100 Rower - Full View

Sophisticated heart rate monitor

You get a heart rate monitor also along with this rowing machine. Once the heart rate monitor gets installed on your machine, the machine will adjust the resistance level so that you remain within your target heart rate.

 PROSBodymax Infiniti R100 Folded View

  • The best thing about this rower is that it is foldable.
  • Bodymax rower is a low impact machine, so you will enjoy using it for sure.
  • The rower does not create a lot of noise.
  • The machine is stable and durable.


  • The rower is more expensive in comparison to the basic machines.

Bodymax R100 rower is an air-magnetic combo. In our reviews we have discussed 2 other rowing machines that use air-magnetic resistance: JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine and Viavito sumi rowing machine. Both are of air-magnetic resistance but with a bit of price variation. JTX Freedom is on Amazon’s bestseller list. Here are 3 more rowers we highly recommend for you to checkout.

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V Fit Tornado air rower

All these 3 are on the bestseller list and with good customer ratings.


Now, whenever you buy a rower, then your key requirement is that it should contribute to your convenience, and deliver the results you want. Bodymax Infiniti R100 Rower is a superior quality fitness machine that is easy to assemble. When I used this machine, it took me about 20 minutes to assemble this machine, so I was impressed.

If you want a rower that will last for a long time to come, then I recommend that you go for Bodymax. However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind before buying the rower.

If you are struggling with health issues apart from weight, then it is advisable that you should consult a physician before using this machine. Secondly, it will not be a bad idea to watch videos that demonstrate how to use the machine.

I did the same. The benefit of this practice is that you will not get haunted by the fear that you will end up causing injuries so do follow my tips. Do not indulge in an aggressive workout. Go slow and gradually let your body get used to the rowing routine.

With the passage of time, Bodymax R100 will improve your posture, and you will notice an improvement in your muscle tone also. I can bet that you will love the long-term results so go for the rower right away. 

Bodymax Infiniti R100

This is a mid-budget option that offers a few built-in workout programs. It has several resistance levels and can save lots of storage space. Multiple users can use it. It’s robust and made with high-end materials.

42 Different Workout Programs
16 Different Resistance Levels
Full stroke experience for every user, despite their shape or size
Air/Magnetic Automatic Resistance Control
Durable Build that will last for years
Folds in half to save storage space

How is it Different from Others?
It’s a pro-level rowing machine for a mid-range price. It has an excellent in-built computer and useful apps. It offers pulse-controlled workouts with race mode. The features are good enough, but the only thing that makes it stand out is it’s a bit expensive than competitive modes. [Read full Review here…..]